A few pics from our Spring Opener trip down south.


Dan checks everything out on a slow day in WV after camping the night before.


We probably carried a half-cord of wood to our campsite. Who needs a damned tractor anyway?


Vinny hoggin' in Morgantown (or was it Kingsport, TN?)


This dude reminded of us of one the Boozy Creek Boys, Lil' Bit.


Vinny thinking about losing the FZ1 and getting himself a pan!


Dan taking a breather alongside a nice scenic route in TN


Got lucky propping a camera up and hitting the timer


Waiting in Brush Creek, TN after breaking a valve spring. Middle of nowhere. Nowhere to be.


Vinny trying another shovel on for size


We made it to Nashville! Dan's bike after a parking lot top-end job.


Paulie in Nashville


Crashed out at JW's


Dan in front of JW's '53 Caddy


Dean and Theresa join him


Our magnificent host JW the morning after fucking himself up


Uptown Rockingham. . . was so hot we had to hide out inside to avoid the heat until the sun went down.


Matt from back home. We met him in Rockingham. Nice folks.


He sure likes to pose . . . or might be giving directions to the other side of the sandpit they called a campsite


Me feeling pretty beat up after nine days of lunacy and life-destroying heat at seven in the morning


Nothing fazes Paulie. Ever.


Our crew with Fritz from Indiana (beard) and my brother Glenn (right-most). We plan to head out his way some day


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