1967 Triumph Tiger (TR6R)

left side

UPDATE: This motorcycle was sold in 2006 after my riding it up and down the east coast with full camping gear and around NYC for almost two years. It treated me well and its sale contributed to my down payment fund for a new house. I left it here just for the pictures.

September 2007 - Jason

Just rebuilt:

Starts and runs great.

I built this bike with care and expect that it will serve as a reliable everyday rider. I have over 100 hours into the build. Many Triumphs that you see around the NYC area are polished-over rat bikes which require a great deal of service and repair to become reliable motorcycles. This bike requires no such attention.

Please e-mail or call 917-699-7719 to make an appointment to see the bike. I am located in the Williamsburg/Bushwick area of Brooklyn.

Other bikes available - just enquire

left side

right side


headlight & tank